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July 16, 2010 at 2:38 am (Uncategorized)

So, I did it!

I gulped and took the plunge! is having a book contest and the deadline is….tonight (lol!). I was working for a while on a book of the trip I did out west a decade ago. It turned into my fairy tale (of a sort).

Here’s the introduction to the book:

This book has been in the works for indirectly a decade. The images were taken on a trip out west in 2000, which was initially seen as a trip to embrace joy, but in retrospect, I see the decay was there at the beginning.

Relationships have a start, and some have an end. This is the journey of both.

Taken with my beloved Pentax K-1000 during the trip. It’s a camera still cherished and holds a special spot on my shelf. The camera broke during this trip, causing exposure issues. Archieved into their negative sleeves, I boxed them up and said I’d work on them more when I was less frustrated.

Time came and went and the box came off of the shelf. A decade had actually started to wear away at the negatives (no matter how careful I was with preserving) and the parallel between the images and my relationship’s end became clear. This book needed born.

Life is all about change and evolution. The creation, destruction and demise and rebirth of our selves and our surrounds. It’s the disintegrations and their rebuilds that make us who we are and how we rebound.

This is my fairy tale, of a sorts.

Enjoy, all! 🙂


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